Personal Injury and Accidents in Durham, NC.

The Law Office of Kevin E. Jones

Personal injuries are a fact of life. The Law Office of Kevin E. Jones in Durham, NC is well-equipped to serve your legal needs. When accidents or injuries occur, you will need proper legal representation to ensure your legal rights are protected. Injuries, whether by accident or not, are traumatic life experiences. Attorney Jones and his staff are very familiar with what can happen to individuals who don't understand or act upon their legal rights.

Your life can change quickly and dramatically as a result of a personal injury. Your income, well being and overall livelihood could be at stake. We focus our effort on ensuring you receive fair treatment from the legal system and do not get taken advantage of by experienced corporate lawyers that represent large insurance corporations and the like. Kevin Jones is an experienced lawyer with a longstanding relationship with the Durham, NC community. He understands what it is like to be in a situation where you may not know all of what you need to know. Personal injuries, legal precedence and your rights are things you shouldn't take lightly. Our goal is to ensure you continue to live life as normal as possible and do not end up as another statistic of the legal system. Personal injuries are personal situations that require personal attention by your attorney. Take our commitment to you and the personal attention we provide into account when considering Durham law firms. As a victim, you are legally entitled to file a claim to recover lost wages, medical expenses and property damage. Personal injury and accident claims may also cover pain and suffering, emotional distress and a number of other situations.

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