Domestic Violence in Durham, NC.

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Domestic violence in Durham, NC is oftentimes avoidable if addressed in the abuse stages of this behavior. If you are being abused, seek legal remedies immediately. Durham domestic violence lawyer, Kevin E. Jones, can help you assess your situation and exercise your legal rights such as restraining orders, restitution and/or jail time for the abuser. No one should ever feel powerless when it comes to dealing with another individual. The Law Office of Kevin E. Jones is here to help you determine the next best steps to ensure your safety.

Unfortunately, where we put rules in place to protect the general public's safety there are always those individuals that will try and work the system to their advantage. If you have been wrongly or over-exaggeratedly accused of domestic violence, we are here to help. Your future is at stake so seek professional counsel.

Our Durham, NC law firm is experienced with the subtle nuances that surround this very specialized area of criminal law. The consequences of a domestic violence conviction can adversely affect your quality of life for years to come. If convicted, the court may impose several requirements including but not limited to:  an active jail sentence, expensive fines and fees, probation, mandatory counseling, restitution to the victim, restriction of your right to possess a firearm, and limitations on your parental rights. In addition, your record will be impacted permanently with the negative stain of a Domestic Violence conviction. The stigma that comes with a Domestic Violence conviction can make it difficult to get employment or hold certain professional licenses. With all of these severe consequences hanging in the balance, it is crucial that you find an attorney who is willing to go that extra mile in defending your rights. The Law Office of Kevin E. Jones, PLLC is ready to fight WITH YOU AND FOR YOU!

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