Child Custody and Visitation in Durham, NC.

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Disputes involving children are emotionally charged legal situations that call for you to have an experienced lawyer at your side. Clients who find themselves involved in custody battles need legal counsel that is grounded in reason. Our firm will provide you with the information necessary to make sound decisions regarding the custody of your children. We also work to create a plan of action to put our parents in the best possible position to regain custody of their children. Our law firm possesses the passion, legal logic and flexibility required to resolve custody disputes in Family Court.

Divorce and Family Law in Durham, NC.

Divorces are rarely simple and straightforward. Children, pets, personal property, assets and liabilities (including debt) all complicate termination of the marriage. We will work with you to understand your rights, protect your property and ensure family life is as minimally disrupted as possible. It's important you seek a divorce lawyer with experience to ensure your legal rights are fully exercised and your hard earned assets are protected. Durham divorce lawyer, Kevin E. Jones, will get to know your situation so that your needs are fully examined and heard by the court system and/or arbitrators. Justice is our only option!

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