Understanding a Separation Agreement

Durham Divorce LawyerWelcome back. In our previous blog post, our Durham divorce lawyer talked about legal separation. Today we continue this discussion with information about a separation agreement.

In our last post, we learned that formal documents do not need to be filed in order to make a separation legal. Spouses should be living in separate homes and intend to separate permanently.

A separation agreement is a contract that can be created between spouses who plan to permanently separate. It can include information about who will live in the marital home, who will care for the children, where the children will live, who will pay for bills, separation of property and more.

That was separation agreement is not required in North Carolina it is a great way to amicably work together without issues. Our Durham divorce lawyer can help with a separation agreement. Sometimes, working through a separation agreement may prevent time spent in court. If you have questions about legal separation or a separation agreement, be sure to consult with our divorce lawyer today.

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