Understanding Separation

Divorce Lawyer Durham NCUnderstanding legal separation in North Carolina can be difficult without the right information. Our divorce lawyer in Durham NC is here to help you get a better idea of what being legally separated means should you and your spouse choose to part ways.

In the state of North Carolina, legally separating from your spouse means that you both should be living in separate homes and have declared that permanent separation is inevitable.

Written documents may not be required as long as you and your smiles are living in different homes. At least one party in the marriage needs to be intent on a permanent separation.

Even if a romantic relationship has ended, it is not possible to live in the same home as your spouse if a permanent separation is what both of you want.

Though a married couple living in separate homes May declare legal separation, it does not apply to married couples who are romantically involved yet living in separate homes for work purposes.

In our next blog post, we will talk more about legal separation, including a separation agreement. Be sure to visit back soon to learn more from our divorce lawyer in Durham NC.

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