Types of Domestic Violence

Durham domestic violence attorneyDid you know that there are different types of domestic violence? Many do not realize this and consider it to be one in the same. Below, you’ll find the different types of domestic violence. If you’ve fallen victim to abuse, please contact our Durham domestic violence attorney today, to start learning how you can fight back.

Types of Domestic Violence | Durham Domestic Violence Attorney

Physical Abuse – This is the most common type of physical abuse. It’s also the type most assume when hearing the words domestic violence. Physical abuse involves forcing the following on a victim:

  • punching
  • kicking
  • shooting
  • choking
  • slapping
  • forcing a victim to use drugs
  • stabbing

While many times, injuries from physical abuse are major, they don’t have to be. Slapping someone can be consider domestic violence.

Emotional Abuse – According to womenshealth.gov, is considered emotional abuse. If someone does any of the following, you might be a victim of emotional abuse.

  • Unfairly accuses you of being unfaithful all the time
  • Tries to stop you from going to work or school
  • Threatens to hurt you or people you care about
  • Threatens to harm himself or herself when upset with you
  • Says things like, “If I can’t have you then no one can.”
  • Prevents or discourages you from seeing friends or family
  • Monitors what you’re doing all the time
  • Humiliates you in front of others
  • Gets angry in a way that is frightening to you
  • Decides things for you that you should decide (like what to wear or eat)
  • Controls how you spend your money

Physical abuse can hurt and harm you, physically. You might have to go to the hospital to get treatment in this case. With emotional abuse, one might be suffering and you never know it. Even the victim that’s being abused might not realize it. Emotional abuse is scary and happens all the time.

Sexual Abuse – According to apa.org,  sexual abuse “is unwanted sexual activity, with perpetrators using force, making threats or taking advantage of victims not able to give consent. Most victims and perpetrators know each other. Immediate reactions to sexual abuse include shock, fear or disbelief. Long-term symptoms include anxiety, fear or post-traumatic stress disorder.”

Financial Abuse – A very common type of domestic violence, financial abuse is when a family member prevents a loved one from acquiring money on one’s own. For example, a husband won’t let their wife get a job or go back to school for an education, in hopes of getting a job in the future. This is one of the least obvious types of violence, and is even more discrete than emotional abuse.

Often, the victim is completely dependent on his or her partner for money. With no access to money except through the abusive partner, the victim is completely at the abusive partner’s mercy. The abusive partner may withhold money for food, clothing, and more.

Intimidating or threatening is the most common type of psychological abuse but it can also fall under emotional abuse, as well. if you or someone you know is being psychologically abused, please contact our Durham domestic violence attorney soon. There are several ways to go about making sure this behavior ends and that you’re safe and secure with legal protection.

If you’re interested in learning more about domestic violence so that you can bring awareness to others that might not realize the severity of the situation, visit back with our next blog post. We will have more information that deals with this serious issue.

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