Traffic Accident Atatistics for North Carolina

Kevin Jones is Durham Attorney that Cares

Our Durham attorney has seen or been part of nearly every kind of traffic situation you can imagine.  To that end, we all need to understand just how common traffic accidents occur and educate ourselves so that we may help prevent accidents all together by taking the proper precautions when we drive.

In North Carolina, we have more than an acceptable level of traffic accidents each year.  Consider the following stats from 2010:

  • 968 people dies in traffic accidents in North Carolina
  • 1,424 injuries reported that were related to accidents
  • Intoxicated driving resulted in nearly 190 deaths which is about 20% of all fatal accidents

Let’s come together and figure out ways to make these statistics a distant past.  We need to slow down, drive responsibly and understand our behavior behind the wheel could cost someone their life.

For help with legal matters like traffic accidents, be sure to contact our Durham attorney, Kevin E. Jones.