What is Domestic Abuse? continued

Welcome back. We are here to talk more about domestic abuse and how it differs from domestic violence. If you missed our last blog, check back here for more.

Domestic Abuse

  • Domestic abuse is a very common and serious situation.
  • The most common cases of abuse typically involve children, elders or spouses.
  • Domestic abuse can occur between any two or more people.
  • Domestic abuse is widespread, looks to control its victim’s and comes in many forms.

Types of Domestic Abuse | Durham Attorney

  • neglect and abandonment
  • intimidation and harassment
  • sexual abuse
  • cyberstalking and bullying
  • stalking
  • financial and economic abuse
  • spiritual abuse
  • verbal abuse and non-verbal abuse

Durham Attorney | Domestic Abuse

Abuse effects people of all ages and in different ways. Verbal, sexual, and financial abuse are common among couples, as well as child neglect and abuse. Emotional abuse can occur online, offending others in the comfort of their own home is a serious offense. If you need a Durham attorney to help protect yourself, don’t hesitate and contact Kevin Jones today!