Need Legal Help with A Personal Injury? Contact a Durham Personal Injury Attorney.

The National Center for Injury Protection and Control is a great source for facts about personal injury in the United States.  If you have been affected by an injury, accident or unfavorable insurance situations, contact Durham personal injury attorney, Kevin E Jones before making any final decisions.  Things happen and many people go without the proper representation when […]

Work Accident? This Durham attorney will be by your side!

Have you been injured at Work? Call a Durham Attorney today. Accidents happen, it’s just a fact of life. The unfairness of life can sometimes cause some legal issues in terms of who’s to blame. Even if it was a natural accident, does either party deserve to be compensated or help compensate the other? Insurance […]

Ah Yeah! It’s fireworks time again in Durham, NC!

It’s Fireworks Season! Do your know your fireworks laws? This Durham lawyer does and wants to make sure you do as well. July 4th is right around the corner, and with it comes ever so fun fireworks.  Fireworks are a great way to celebrate our nation’s independence, but they are also a very easy way […]