Personal Injury Got You Down?

How to best to cope with Personal Injuries and Accidents provided by your trusted and experienced Durham personal injury lawyer: Personal injuries can very often be life-altering outcomes.  If you are injured from an unfortunate accident at work, home, or anywhere; you deserve to be resolved of and compensated for being in the wrong place […]

Top Ten Violence-Related Injuries

Looking for a high-quality insurance lawyer in Durham, NC? Look no further than The Law Office of Kevin E. Jones.  As a public service, we’re dedicated to continuing to bring you information that’s oftentimes hard to find or scattered across various sources. Previously, we covered the volume and scope of the most common personal injuries whether […]

Personal Injury in the United States

Personal injury attorney in Durham NC has found that: Annually, in the United States, there are: more than 160,000 injury related deaths almost 2 million injury related hospital discharges more than 31 million personal injury related emergency room and doctor visits Source: National Center for Health Statistics If you or a loved one has been injured […]