Durham Lawyer Kevin E. Jones Wants Less Young Criminal Records

Durham Lawyers are here to help, no matter how young!

Being involved with the law at a very young age can quickly make future career options unavailable. The worst part is that many juvenile delinquencies commit crimes without thinking about their future. The slightest amount of criminal history can make job hunting a very stressful experience. Who would you hire between two people with the same credentials, but one has a criminal history, and the other one doesn’t? Your Durham Lawyer wants to help delinquents learn from their mistakes, and make sure they are fairly represented and protected in court. If you have had a run in with the law, do not think your life is over, we are here to help you!

Ah Yeah! It’s fireworks time again in Durham, NC!

It’s Fireworks Season! Do your know your fireworks laws? This Durham lawyer does and wants to make sure you do as well.

July 4th is right around the corner, and with it comes ever so fun fireworks.  Fireworks are a great way to celebrate our nation’s independence, but they are also a very easy way to get hurt.  Your personal injury lawyer can assist you if you’re injured accidentally by someone else’s fireworks this holiday season.  Fireworks laws are statewide.  In some states they are illegal to purchase.  Have a wonderful 4th of july, but also remember to keep the laws that keep this country running in mind!

Here’s a great resource for all your fireworks questions: http://www.cityofgastonia.com/city_serv/fire/_pdf/Fireworks%202005.pdf



You don’t need a lawyer!

April Fools Day

If only it were true.  Sorry about that.  However, if you are looking for an experienced, friendly and attention-oriented lawyer; then contact The Law Office of Kevin E. Jones.  Durham attorney Jones is experienced in many legal areas both civil and criminal.  Whether it’s a traffic violation or you are going through a divorce, contact us today for a consultation.

Happy Spring Break from your Durham Lawyer

Durham lawyer for college students (UNC, Duke, NC State, Shaw, NCCU and more)

Spring is here for all college students and local pre-secondary kids!  Your Durham Attorney wishes you a safe Spring Break!

Spring is here, and that means Spring Break!  We wish that you will enjoy a fun week off from the hard work that comes with school and hope you enjoy your R & R to the fullest.  The most important thing to remember is to stay safe and responsible while having a good time.  It is no fun to go back to school while being potentially in trouble with the law.  Your Durham attorney is here for you if you need him.  Please stay safe and encourage responsible behavior this Spring Break! A few tips from your favorite attorney in Durham, NC:

  1. Do NOT drink and drive
  2. Do NOT hang out with folks doing illegal activities (drugs, vandalism, trespassing, etc.)
  3. Do ENJOY a safe and responsible Spring break with your friends