Your Durham Attorney Wants to Help Juvenile Delinquents

Your Durham Attorney does not want to see children live a life of crime.

Starting a criminal record at such a young age can only lead to more trouble down the line. Getting hired or accepted into a university can be a very tough achievement after having a run in with the police. Mistakes can happen, and children’s inexperience can lead to some risky decisions. Your Durham attorney wants to make sure your children shy away from juvenile delinquency. If you need representation in court, please call a Durham attorney today.

Got a speeding ticket in Durham, NC? Your favorite Durham traffic lawyer can help!

Driving tickets can be a pain. This Durham traffic attorney can speed up the process.

There are countless ways you can be involved in a traffic violation. Something as simple as not stopping at a stop light or driving with broken highlights can end up in a ticket that can cost you valuable time, money and insurance points. Other violations are more serious, such as car accidents, reckless driving, and DUI/DWI. No matter what kind of driving violation you may come across on the road, this Durham traffic attorney is here to help. Durham traffic lawyers specialize in dealing with helping the accused with their tickets, and handling more serious cases. If you are unsure what to do with your traffic ticket, call a Durham attorney, Kevin E. Jones, today.

Work Accident? This Durham attorney will be by your side!

Have you been injured at Work? Call a Durham Attorney today.

Accidents happen, it’s just a fact of life. The unfairness of life can sometimes cause some legal issues in terms of who’s to blame. Even if it was a natural accident, does either party deserve to be compensated or help compensate the other? Insurance companies tend to help out here a lot, but sometimes a legal decision must be made in order to move on with life. Your Durham Attorney wants to make sure you are able to recover from an accident, and still provide for your family. There is nothing worse than suddenly being injured and out of work from something that is out of your control. If you have experienced a personal injury, please contact a Durham Attorney today.

Your Durham Attorney Helps College Students with the Law

Living on your own can be tough. Your Durham Attorney can help.

College is the first time many people get freedom from living with parents, and thus have acquired a lot of new responsibilities. As a result, the added stress of college classes and these new responsibilities can lead to mistakes, some which can involve illegal activities. It’s very easy to give in to the pressure of others. It’s very hard to deal with the consequences that can potentially follow you for the rest of your life. If you have been charged with a crime and need proper representation in court or guidance, please contact Durham Attorney Kevin E. Jones today.