Common Traffic Violations in Durham, NC

Consult a Durham traffic attorney if you find yourself in a legal situation.

Auto accidents, speeding tickets, DWI, parking tickets, oh my.  Traffic violations touch almost each and every one of us more often than we would like.  There are a number of possible charges, punishments, outcomes, and long-term effects associated the traffic violations listed below.

A number of traffic crimes and their corresponding outcomes are offered to give you an idea of the range and complex nature of traffic law.  If you don’t know what you are doing, you are most likely going to make mis-steps that have consequences.  Almost any of these charges warrant points on your drivers license and insurance premium increases as well.

  • Running a red light (ticket)
  • Running a stop sign (ticket)
  • Failing to signal (ticket)
  • Illegal parking (ticket)
  • Failure to yield (ticket)
  • Driving without headlights at night (ticket)
  • Improper equipment (signal lights, tail lights, speedometer) (ticket)
  • Hitting a moving vehicle (ticket)
  • Hitting or rear-ending a stopped car (ticket)
  • Property damage by vehicle (civil and ticket)
  • Manslaughter by vehicle (civil and criminal charges)
  • Reckless driving (ticket and/or drivers license revoked)
  • Speeding (ticket and/or drivers license revoked)
  • Exceeding the safe speed (ticket and/or drivers license revoked)
  • DWI (ticket and/or drivers license revoked)
  • DUI (ticket and/or drivers license revoked)
  • Driving underage (ticket and/or learners permit revoked)
  • Death by motor vehicle (civil and criminal charges)

If you have questions regarding one of these or another traffic violation, please contact Durham traffic lawyer, Kevin E. Jones for legal advice and assistance.

Legal Assistance for College Students

College is often a fun and memorable time where you learn how to learn and become engulfed in your own environment.  For the most part, you are on you own to make decisions.  Free will is what makes living in this country so great. However, when we are young, sometimes our judgement is more easily influenced by our environment.  Legal troubles can stay with you all of your life if they are not dealt with in a thorough and timely manner.  Some of the most common legal issues college students face include:

  • public intoxication
  • possession of marijuana
  • underage drinking
  • false identification (fake ID)
  • speeding, stop sign violations and other traffic incidents
  • car accidents
  • resisting arrest
  • drunk and disorderly
  • DWI and DUI
  • intent to sale
  • larceny and theft
  • noise ordinance violations
  • property crimes
  • illegal protests
  • assault and domestic abuse

If you are charged with any of these, the legal system is much more forgiving to first time offenders and individuals who are obviously trying to better themselves.  That is the point of college, correct? You can’t waste time; however, consult a lawyer before taking any legal actions.  Durham lawyer, Kevin E. Jones provides affordable legal services to Durham, NC and Chapel Hill, NC colledge students. Each State handles the charges and convictions somewhat differently so don’t make any assumptions based on “what you know”. Our Durham law firm provides assistance regardless of whether you are an in-state or out-of-state college student.

Celebrate the Upcoming Holidays with Responsibility

The holiday season is just around the corner. It is a wonderful time of year.  We get together with those we care for and celebrate our relationships.  Sometimes celebrations have alcohol.  If you drink, please do not drive. DWI and DUI convictions are highest during this time of year. Don’t be just another statistic.  If you find yourself in need of a DWI lawyer or DUI attorney, contact Durham lawyer, Kevin E. Jones.

Legal Representation for Real Estate

Real estate is too big of an investement not to have a Durham attorney to represent your needs:

When buying a house, the last thing on your mind is the need for a lawyer.  Durham real estate lawyer, Kevin E. Jones, says you had better consider the negative consquences that can occur by not having the appropriate representation when purchasing your life’s dream.

A lawyer can help you avoid common problems with a home purchase or sale. For example, a seller may sign a brokerage agreement that does not cover a number of common legal problems. This happens quite often; realtors often use standard forms, expecting that they will cover all circumstances or will be easily customizable for unusual circumstances.

In the absence of an agreement to the contrary, the seller may become liable to pay a brokerage commission even if a sale does not occur, or to pay more than one brokerage commission in some cases. If the agreement allows the seller the right to negotiate on his or her own behalf, for example, you may avoid this problem. A lawyer can explain the effect of multiple listings. He or she can negotiate the realtor’s rights if the seller withdraws the property from the market, or can’t deliver good marketable title.

The seller should have the advice and guidance of an attorney with respect to a brokerage agreement. Even if the agreement is a standard form, its terms should be explained to the seller and revised, if necessary. An attorney should also determine if the agreement was properly signed.

Any situation regarding miscommunication within a contract or agreement can be solved by your local Durham attorney.