Divorce Considerations

Durham divorce lawyer, Kevin E. Jones, offers things to consider when thinking of filing for divorce.

Divorce is a troublesome and hurtful issue.  Given the emotional involvement when considering divorce, it’s best you consult a professional with help on the following:

  1. Issues involving children (child support, child custody, child visitation)
  2. Property (mortgage, equity, leans, rentals, primary home)
  3. Assets (money, bonds, stocks, retirement, jewelry)
  4. Spousal support (finances, education, etc.)
  5. Other domestic issues (abuse, restraining orders)

Contact Durham divorce lawyer Kevin Jones for more information on how to protect your family and yourself before you make any permanent decisions. The Law Office of Kevin E. Jones is the best family lawyer in the Durham, NC area.

Protect our Durham NC children. Don’t drink and drive!

Facts don’t lie.  Drinking and driving kills says your Durham DWI lawyer

Over the course of 2009, 1,314 kids the age of 14 and younger were killed in automobile accidents. Nearly 1/6 of those accidents were a result of a person that was either DWI or DUI.  Of the 181 deaths, 92 (51%) were passengers in a vehicle where the driver was drunk while the half of homicides where passengers in other cars or pedestrians.

If you have been impacted negatively by a drunk driver or a DWI/DUI charge, contact The Law Office of Kevin E. Jones today. Our lawyer in Durham NC will be glad to help out in any way we can.


Personal Injury in the United States

Personal injury attorney in Durham NC has found that:

Annually, in the United States, there are:

  • more than 160,000 injury related deaths
  • almost 2 million injury related hospital discharges
  • more than 31 million personal injury related emergency room and doctor visits

Source: National Center for Health Statistics

If you or a loved one has been injured or hurt from an accident or action; contact The Law Office of Kevin E. Jones to ensure your needs are cared for and legal rights are exercised.

Startup Information for Durham, NC Small Businesses

Lawyer Durham NC: Hire a small business lawyer!

In the US, we are very fortunate to have low (legal) startup costs as compared to countries like India and Saudi Arabia.  Intuit released an interesting set of data recently.  Contact The Law Office of Kevin E. Jones for more information on small business law in Durham, NC.

US small business start up costs

Our lawyer in Durham NC can help you out with a legal situation you’ve found yourself in, as well. If you’d like to set up a consultation with him, contact our office! We will be happy to help in any way that we can!