How Hazardous is Your Occupation?

Our Durham Lawyer Can Help!

Kevin Jones is Durham lawyer for personal injury. The Law Office of Kevin E. Jones knows you don’t have to be a cellphone tower worker to get hurt on the job. You could simply be driving the company car and a flat tire cause you to wreck and get injured. You need to be aware of your rights.

The law is in place to protect you whether the injury was a result of neglect or merely an accident. However, you shouldn’t just speak to your company’s lawyers with matters as serious as your personal health and stability. Like with any major life decision, seek more than one opinion.

Don’t believe you could be injured? Well think again because they occur regardless your occupation. ┬áThe following chart shows just that!

occupational deaths by job

For more information on personal injury issues and how to get help from our Durham lawyer, contact our office, today. We are here to help you with issues that come from working in a hazardous occupation.