More Affects of Domestic Violence

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  • Being exposed to violence may impair a child’s capacity for partnering and parenting later in life, continuing the cycle of violence into the next generation.
  • Children can suffer from difficulties with attachment, regressive behavior, anxiety and depression, and aggression and conduct problems in domestic violence situations.
  • Children react to exposure to violence in different ways, and many children show remarkable resilience. All too often, however, children who are exposed to violence undergo lasting physical, mental, and emotional harm.
  • Domestic violence in families is often hidden from view and devastates its victims physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.
  • It threatens the stability of the family and negatively impacts all family members, especially the children who learn from it that violence is an acceptable way to cope with stress or problems or to gain control over another person.
  • They may be more prone to dating violence, delinquency, further victimization, and involvement with the child welfare and juvenile justice systems.

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