Legal Tips for a Safe Halloween Night

halloween legal tips

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays: from decorating the house with pumpkin carvings, to dressing up in your favorite costume, to eating candy until it

hurts. Unfortunately, in the midst of all the skeletons, bats, spider webs and candy, most Halloween celebrations happen at night and include a fair dose of mischief. Add in adult parties that serve alcohol, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. So, whether you’ve got kids who will be trick-or-treating or teenagers who will be out tonight celebrating the spookiest day of the year, it’s important to review a few legal tips for a safe Halloween night with your family before someone ends their night in the county jail.


1. Watch out for sex offenders

While convicted sex offenders are required to add their names to a national registry, and also prohibited from handing out candy to kids or wearing costumes that might appeal to children, that doesn’t mean that unconvicted sex offenders aren’t still out there and ready to prey on children’s innocense this Halloween night. If you haven’t already, have a solid “stranger danger” talk with your kids and check your local registry before heading out the door to trick-or-treat.

2. Enforce the buddy system

No matter how safe your neighborhood may seem, it’s always a good idea to use the buddy system during trick-or-treating and other outings. For kids under 12, you should also make sure there’s an adult present. It’s not 1984, so don’t just follow behind your kids in a station wagon. Walk with them and enjoy some family time.

3. Check all pieces of candy carefully

It is your parental duty to collect a candy tax from your children before allowing them to engorge themselves on the evening’s winnings. In the process of pulling out your favorites, be sure to conduct a safety check. From allergic reactions to razor blades, you never know what might be lurking in your child’s candy bag so take the time to screen all candy before letting the kids dive in.

4. Use reflective tape and stickers on clothing

Depending on where you live, you may want to add reflective tape to your clothing to avoid any unnecessary personal injuries. The same goes for your older kids who want to ride their bike. Make sure that oncoming traffic can see your family by placing reflective tape and stickers in strategic spots on their costumes.

5. Put distractions away

And by “distractions,” we’re referring to your phone. Whether walking in your neighborhood or driving to the hottest Halloween party in town, put your phone away and be present in the night. Also, be sure to have a discussion with your teenagers on the risks of distracted driving – and ensure that your children aren’t distracted by devices while they’re out trick-or-treating. When you’re walking at night, it’s best to leave the technological distractions at home to avoid an accident.

6. Watch out for decorative obstacles

As a homeowner, be careful in how you decorate. You may be responsible for injuries that occur on your doorstep if you are found negligent in setting out your Halloween décor. However, if you’re trick-or-treating, pay attention to where you’re going: trip-and-fall hazards are everywhere on Halloween night. From misplaced jack-o-lanterns to fallen decorations, be sure to exercise a little caution as you head out tonight.

7. Turn your headlights on early

Trick-or-treating can start as early as 5:30 to 6 o’clock at night. Therefore, go ahead and turn on your headlights early this Halloween night so you’re sure to see every small child that may cross your path – even if it’s still bright out when you head to your parties.

8. Always choose a designated driver

Before you head out for the night, make sure you’ve chosen someone to be the designated driver for the night or plan to call a ride when you’re ready to go home (even if you’re only planning on one drink).  It only takes two drinks for the average-sized woman to register with a BAC level at or above the legal limit, or about three drinks for the average-sized man. Rather than end up with a DUI charge, plan ahead!

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