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Here, you’ll statistics from that talk about distracted driving in adults. Oftentimes, we talk about teen drivers and their distractions. However, adults also have issues with this.

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  • Travelers Insurance Company poll, Sept. 2017 – Of those who drive to or for work, 43% will answer or make work-related communications while driving, including texting, emailing and calling. The reasons those drivers gave for doing so were 38% felt they needed to always be available, 37% feared missing out on something important at work and 17% did not want to upset the boss. By age groups, 18-34 and 35-44-year-olds were tied at 54% for the largest percentage of drivers engaged in work-related communications while driving.
  • “Many parents multi-task while driving kids”, University of Michigan, 2014 published in American Journal of Pediatrics – Almost 90 percent of drivers reported engaging in at least one technology-based distraction while driving their child in the prior month, and most drivers reported engaging in 4 of the 10 distractions asked about in the study.
  • “Exclusive Survey from American Baby and Safe Kids Worldwide: Moms Make the Same Risky Driving Choices as Teens“, 2013 – 78% admit to talking on the phone while driving with their baby; 64% of moms have turned around to tend to their child’s needs while driving; 26% text or check email

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