Collect Your Child Support

Durham attorney Kevin E. Jones will make sure you understand exactly what your child is entitled to.  While it’s important for single mothers to be independent and provide for their family; it’s still your child’s right to collect their support from their father.

Durham Attorney: Child Support Issues

A recent study showed how many folks are giving up child support even though their children are entitled to it.  Sixty-two percent  of women which are the primary caregiver for their child don’t receive child support.  The interesting fact is 3 of 4 of these women actually declined support from the father. While some cases are understandable such as father’s who actually harm the child with their presence; most cases warrant some kind of child support collection.

Even if by collecting support means the kid has a small relationship with their father.  It’s the least he could do and at the same time the child gets some form of benefit.  Even if you don’t need the income, save it in a college fund for your kids to be used later.

For help collecting the child support your child deserves, contact Durham attorney, Kevin Jones.