Resolving Child Custody Issues

Do You Need a Durham Attorney to Help With Child Custody Issues?

Dealing with legal issues regarding child custody and child visitation can be a tough time for all involved.  After a divorce, many times both parties want to take care of the children, and it may be hard to come to an agreement as far as what is best for your child.  Every state has different laws concerning this situation, but all laws focus on doing what is in the best interests of the child. This usually means allowing the child some form continued access to both parents. It also means the court will look at different factors, such as who can provide the best and most stable home, to decide what the custody arrangement should be.

Traditionally, the most responsible, capable and willing party has been awarded custody of the children while the other party is most oftentimes granted child visitation rights. Child support and other factors also tend to favor the party that receives majority custody of the children because of the financial and time commitment associated with raising kids. The best option, however, is for the parents to work through their difficulties and mend their relationship. In some cases, this just isn’t an option. So if you need information regarding child custody, please contact your local Durham Attorney.

Legal issues within the confines of family are always hard to deal with.  Divorce is a very complicated legal matter and is most often very stressful for every member of the family.

This environment makes it very difficult to think clearly and in the best interest of the family.  You need a Durham lawyer that can help you understand how to make the decisions that need to be made and create a plan of action for both parties future custody arrangements.  We’re dedicated to making your family life post divorce as stable as possible by ensuring your legal rights are properly enacted in the best interest of everyone involved.

 If you need a Durham attorney today, please give us a call.  At The Law Office of Kevin E Jones, your family is our top priority. For help with any and all legal services our office offers, contact us.