Distracted Driving Facts and Statistics, Part Two

More distracted driving facts and statistics can be found here from teensafe.com. It’s important to take a look at them and see why paying attention while operating a vehicle is essential. Distracted driving is commonly referred to as the, “new drunk driving”. Distracted driving has been called an American epidemic and is completely preventable. Distracted […]

The Affects of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence affects children and adults in different ways. No matter how they’re affected, it’s typically always a negative experience that causes serious issues with their every day life. Here, you’ll find information on how it can affect children according to americanspcc.org. A recent U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ)-funded study concluded that a majority of children […]

Our Lawyer Can Help With Traffic Violations

Need a Durham lawyer to help with your traffic violations and court situations? Contact Kevin Jones, today! Below, you’ll find information about traffic violations and how we can help! Every one of us has experienced some sort of traffic violation at some point during our driving history. Durham, NC residents and travelers oftentimes find themselves […]

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Are you facing a legal situation and might need a Durham lawyer? If so, our law firm can help. Below, you’ll find a list of legal services we offer. Contact us if you need assistance. Small Business and Incorporation (LLC, LLP, etc.) Domestic Violence Domestic Abuse DWI and DUI Contracts and Agreements Civil Litigation Family […]