Work Accident?

Personal injury issues? Our Durham lawyer is here to help make sure you get the benefits you deserve. Accidents are a fact of life and cannot be prevented. These unavoidable situations will effect each and every one of us one day, some for the better, some for worse. If you are injured personally in a work […]

Personal Injury in the United States

Personal injury attorney in Durham NC has found that: Annually, in the United States, there are: more than 160,000 injury related deaths almost 2 million injury related hospital discharges more than 31 million personal injury related emergency room and doctor visits Source: National Center for Health Statistics If you or a loved one has been injured […]

Need Legal Help with A Personal Injury? Contact a Durham Personal Injury Attorney.

The National Center for Injury Protection and Control is a great source for facts about personal injury in the United States.  If you have been affected by an injury, accident or unfavorable insurance situations, contact Durham personal injury attorney, Kevin E Jones before making any final decisions.  Things happen and many people go without the proper representation when […]