College Students Need Legal Help, Too. Our Lawyer Can Help.

Durham lawyer, Kevin Jones, is here to help! It’s common knowledge that college is a time of learning how to go about in a very tempting world.  College students sometimes find themselves with charges like posession of marijuana, underage drinking and DWI.  It’s not uncommon. Don’t let these legal troubles ruin your future. Take care […]

Legal Assistance for College Students

College is often a fun and memorable time where you learn how to learn and become engulfed in your own environment.  For the most part, you are on you own to make decisions.  Free will is what makes living in this country so great. However, when we are young, sometimes our judgement is more easily influenced by […]

Happy Spring Break from your Durham Lawyer

Durham lawyer for college students (UNC, Duke, NC State, Shaw, NCCU and more) Spring is here for all college students and local pre-secondary kids!  Your Durham Attorney wishes you a safe Spring Break! Spring is here, and that means Spring Break!  We wish that you will enjoy a fun week off from the hard work that […]