Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer?

  Do I Need a Durham Divorce Lawyer? This question is asked often. There is no right or wrong answer, and many  times, it lies within personal preference.  While you are not legally required to hire a divorce lawyer, you might find that the court proceedings for divorce is very confusing. Consulting with a lawyer to […]

Divorce Statistics

Divorce happens quite a bit, every single year. Below, you’ll find a few divorce statistics taken in 2013. Statistics | Durham Divorce Lawyer The average age of a woman getting married in the United States is 27. Bride’s Magazine The average age of a man getting married in the United States is 29. Bride’s Magazine […]


Getting a Divorce? Your Durham attorney is here to help. Durham Attorney: Divorce Going through divorce is never an easy process.  It is hard to say who owns what in a married couple, making property distribution a difficult process.  Even more important is child custody that takes place after the divorce. If you are part of […]