Divorce Rate Per Occupation Part Three

Welcome back. Our divorce lawyer in Durham NC is here to ┬átalk more about divorce rate per occupation. In previous blogs, we compiled a list with the percentage rates among various industries in the workforce for divorce. Today, we offer a continuation of those lists. Divorce Per Occupation | Divorce Lawyer Durham NC Dentists: 7.75 […]

Divorce Rate Per Occupation, Part Two

Divorce Rate Per Work Industry | Durham Divorce Lawyer Funeral directors: 10.75 Funeral service workers: 14.76 Furnace, kiln, oven, drier, and kettle operators and tenders: 24.99 Furniture finishers: 20.73 Gaming cage workers: 34.66 Gaming managers: 17.06 Gaming services workers: 31.34 General and operations managers: 14.6 Geological and petroleum technicians: 14.12 Glaziers: 17.28 Graders and sorters, […]

Worldwide Divorce Facts

Divorce isn’t easy. It’s difficult on everyone involved. Below, you’ll find a few worldwide facts from childrenanddivorce.com that might help you through this time. Worldwide Divorce Facts | Durham Divorce Lawyer Children living with both parents one after the other tend to be healthier than children of divorce living with the same parent Cohabitation results […]

A Look at Alcoholism

Are you facing a divorce and aren’t sure what steps to take? Many consider hiring a divorce lawyer when there is threat of harm to themselves or to their children. If you feel that this is a situation you are dealing with, don’t hesitate to contact our Durham divorce lawyer, today. We can help you […]