BAC and the Effects When Driving

How Alcohol Affects Driving Abilties | Criminal Lawyer Durham NC Various Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) have different effects, depending on the level. Below, you’ll see the BAC and effects it causes according to .02%      Altered mood Decline in ability to perform two tasks at the same time (divided attention) Decline in visual functions (rapid […]

Small Business Tips for Owners

Thinking of opening a small business? There are many things to consider before doing so. Even those that already own a small business need to consider a few things. Below, our Durham small business lawyer offers a few tips! Tips | Durham Small Business Lawyer Pay Early and On Time Making sure you pay bills on […]

Small Business Statistics

Are you thinking of opening a small business in your area? If so, congrats! It’s an exciting adventure! It’s also a long process and sometimes complicated. Before making your final decision, be sure to read the statistics below to help you make the best decision. Durham Small Business Lawyer | Statistics 19.4 million nonemployer businesses […]

Divorce Statistics

Divorce happens quite a bit, every single year. Below, you’ll find a few divorce statistics taken in 2013. Statistics | Durham Divorce Lawyer The average age of a woman getting married in the United States is 27. Bride’s Magazine The average age of a man getting married in the United States is 29. Bride’s Magazine […]