More Issues With Texting While Driving

We are here with a few more facts and statistics that deal with texting and driving. This is a dangerous act that can result in an accident. If you’ve been pulled over for texting and driving call our attorney in Durham NC. Americans and Text Messaging,” Pew Research Center 2011 , Cell owners between the […]

The Issues With Texting While Driving

Are you worried about distracted driving with your teen? If so, you have a right. Texting while driving is a major problem in today’s time. Here, you’ll find facts and statistics that help you better understand the issue. “Driver Electronic Use in 2012“, NHTSA, 2014 (DOT HS 811 884) – The percentage of drivers text-messaging […]

More on Adult Distracted Driving

Here, you’ll statistics from that talk about distracted driving in adults. Oftentimes, we talk about teen drivers and their distractions. However, adults also have issues with this. Distracted Driving | Lawyer Durham NC Travelers Insurance Company poll, Sept. 2017 – Of those who drive to or for work, 43% will answer or make work-related […]

Adults and Distracted Driving Statistics

Distracted driving is dangerous. It can lead to accidents, and in some cases, fatal wrecks. Here, you’ll find statistics that support the issue. We hope these statistics found at help you understand why it’s important to stay focused on the road while driving. Distracted Driving | Attorney Durham NC “Nearly Half of the Commuters […]