How to Survive Quarantine in Durham When Your Marriage Is Suffering

If your marriage was strained before the novel Coronavirus made landfall in Durham, NC, then you’re likely feeling really trapped right now. When it comes to “working on your marriage,” very few people would recommend being isolated at home with a spouse you hardly want to spend 10 minutes with – let alone days or […]

Critical Reasons to Stop Texting While Driving – Durham Personal Injury Lawyer

According to Driving Laws, North Carolina’s distracted driving law “prohibits all motorists from texting and emailing while driving.” The ban also includes reading emails, text messages or scrolling through Facebook while driving (it does not apply to a motorist who is lawfully parked or stopped at a stoplight). As such, not only is distracted driving […]

When Valentines Day Ends in Domestic Violence: Durham Domestic Violence Attorney

While many people will be celebrating Valentine’s Day today, we can’t help but think about the overwhelming number of people who are in domestically violent relationships right now. Specifically, roughly twenty people are physically abused by their loving” partners every minute, and nearly 5 million women are victims of physical abuse by their partners each year. Although […]