Dangers of Summer Drinking, Part Three

Here you’ll find more facts and statistics from www.niaaa.nih.gov about the dangers of summer drinking. We hope you are safe and considerate this summer when it comes to summer drinking.

  • The summer holidays are some of the most dangerous times of the year to be on the road.
  • When on vacation, drivers may be traveling an unfamiliar route or hauling a boat or camper, with the distraction of pets and children in the car. Adding alcohol to the mix puts the lives of the driver and everyone in the car, as well as other people on the road, at risk.
  • Whether you’re on the road or in the great outdoors, heat plus alcohol can equal trouble.
  • Hot summer days cause fluid loss through perspiration, while alcohol causes fluid loss through increased urination. Together, they can quickly lead to dehydration or heat stroke.

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